After finishing a degree in Botany at Edinburgh University David went on a university expedition in 1967 to Iran researching animal diseases. On returning to the UK he went immediately down to Antarctica beginning a career with British Antarctic Survey (BAS). For the next 39 years David worked for BAS in a variety of research and management posts, gaining a PhD from Birmingham University. He was responsible for all the environmental management and conservation, mapping, databases and information management including the provision of scientific information to the educational system and the public, and was awarded the Polar medal for his contributions to Antarctic research. David is currently a Visiting Professor at Liverpool University.

Establishing the international journal Antarctic Science in 1989 David has since run it as Editor in Chief. The journal currently uses its profits for charitable support of young Antarctic scientists.

He headed the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) delegation to the annual Antarctic Treaty meetings from 1992 until 2006 and was awarded the first SCAR Medal for International Scientific Collaboration in 2006.

David has just published a book on Antarctic science and is researching a second book on Antarctic science and politics, currently acting as the editor for the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting reports and lecturing at a number of universities.

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