Wellington debuted as a film director in 1977, winning that very same year his first international award, a Silver Lion at Cannes Festival. In 1981 he founded Five Point Six Productions, soon to become the largest film production company in Latin America, with offices in São Paulo, New York and Lisbon.

As head of Five Point Six, Wellington directed over 2000 commercials for Brazil and other markets such as USA, UK, France, Canada, Germany, Indonesia, Poland, Portugal and virtually all Latin American countries.
Recognized in the market for his multi-disciplinary activities, Wellington also acts as a writer, graphic designer, photographer and cinematographer.

In 2010, Wellington created PIXTURES, an artistic PROJECT consisting of a series of over 100 portraits, all designed by Wellington and physically made by his friends , Ricardo and Marina Bellino, from Miami. Each artwork required 2500 recycled Nespresso capsules. With exhibitions held in Boston, Toronto and New York, and the commitment to pass all eventual earnings to charities, the concept attracted the attention of galleries like The Lords in Miami and Saatchi & Saatchi as well as collectors such as Arnold Palmer, Paulo Coelho, Romero Britto and Donald Trump, among others.

Recently, Wellington finished writing a musical play entitled “46th Street”, which is presently in pre- production stage and scheduled to open in Brazil on the first semester of 2014.

As a businessman, Wellington owns a successful bar/restaurant in Sao Paulo, and is presently investing in corporate real estate as well as a residencial facility focused on assisted senior living.
Wellington,’s main hobby is travel and photography. He has two children and is married to Brazilian acclaimed painter, Leslie Amaral.     (back to board of directors)